A new NEXUS is needed between the four primary institutions of modern Western society–church, state, marketplace, and non-profit social sector–with each offering its unique cultural voice to reestablish a healthy functioning society.

The church is uniquely positioned to claim a pivotal role in creating this new NEXUS because it has visible adherents in each institution. Indeed, this aligns with the church’s historical role in creating such points of nexus through its mission to bring heaven to earth, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Central to the NEXUS design is a common process that provides shared language and unifying experiences across the entire network. The NEXUS Process will be created through “communities of practice” to offer environments in which leaders can explore the intersections of both their lives and professions.

By including people from each of the four core institutions of Western Society in the community of practice, we believe that Christians will find their unique voices in their cultures while creating meaningful connections to peers from other contexts.

We also believe this process will enable pastors to reclaim and utilize their unique roles as spiritual and moral advisors as they become aware of the faith challenges facing people in other professional settings.

We would wish not so much to impart a theology of vocational stewardship but to shape the ethics of the economy to foster a transformative community that discerns and participates in God’s restorative work in the world.

To learn more about NEXUS, contact Laura McDaniel at laura.mcdaniel@bgav.org.

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