Uptick(SM) is the premier development track for high-potential leaders offered by the Spence Network.

As a referral-based network of leaders who are typically in their twenties and who have already demonstrated significant potential for leading high-impact ministries in the future, Uptick:

Gives access to experiences and networks otherwise inaccessible to leaders of this age, and

Fast-tracks high-potential young leaders toward being able to lead high-impact ministries within 5-10 years.

Uptick will be primarily, but not exclusively, for candidates who have a heart for congregation-based ministries. Candidates are typically identified through referral from established leaders and must be interviewed by the Spence Network.  Each annual cohort of Uptick will normally consist of twelve leaders, 6 men and 6 women.

It provides a wide-ranging set of large and small group experiences, including conferences, forum, and personal coaching to develop the leadership ability of candidates.  Current experiences include a retreat with British leader Paul Maconochie of 3DM in January, www.missioalliance.org  in Alexandria in April, a summer mountain discipleship retreat in July, a mentoring gathering with (www.bobrussellministries.com, in September in Louisville, Kentucky, and a winter retreat with Australian leader and writer Ross Clifford, plus occasional opportunities for networking with a group of established transformational leaders.

Each participant is assigned a personal leadership coach for the duration of Uptick.  Typically, there will be ten monthly conversations of up to one hour with the coach, scheduled at the convenience of participant and coach. The end product is a “future story” map designed to clarify call and help the participant develop as a leader.

In addition, Upticks participate in “leadership huddles” using “life shapes” language of www.weare3dm.com (“Building a Discipling Culture” by Breen/Cockram).  The conversations will be a combination of in-person or 60-minute telephone conferences and will help them develop spiritually as a leader, build friendships with peer leaders, heighten accountability to goals, and construct a discipleship path into the future.

The Spence Network will underwrite all costs associated with Uptick.  In exchange, participants are expected to engage fully and completely in all scheduled activities of the track.  Candidates must secure permission to be absent from job/school/home duties in advance in order to be considered for Uptick.   Participants will arrive on time, not depart early, and be unplugged from multi-tasking during track forums – we expect full and total engagement.  The Spence Network reserves the right to remove participants from Uptick at any point.

Participants who engage fully in the one-year track may be eligible to receive customized opportunities for on-site mentoring with transformational leaders in Virginia for leadership development.  They will also become part of an ongoing reunion network that will give future opportunities to gain access to future conversations with some of the best ministry practitioners in the world.  We are inviting high potential young leaders to become part of a growing community of Uptickers who are already changing the face of Virginia and beyond for the Kingdom.

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